Mrs. Rebecca Drum

Mr. George Selden

Ms. Heather Davis, Vestry Secretary

Mr. Michael Grommet, Parish Treasurer

Mr. John Gregory, Senior Warden

Mr. Lonnie Couch


Lonnie Couch joined St. Timothy's in 2006.  He is a graduate of the University of Arkansas. Lonnie serves as a greeter for Sunday services and leads the Men's Outreach Program. He began teaching the South Wind Heights Bible study in 1998 and the St. Bernard's Village Bible study in 2009. He is a past board member of the Jonesboro Pregnancy Resource Center.

John Gregory joined St. Timothy's in 2008.  He is a retired Lt. Colonel from the Air Force. John currently serves as Senior Warden.  He also is a staff member of the Youth-in-Action program, moderator of the Men's Bible study, member of the Men's Outreach Team, and a lay reader.

Carol Couch joined St. Timothy's in 2006.  She serves in the women's and children's ministries and is currently leading the Women's Bible study. Carol is a graduate of the University of Arkansas.  She is a volunteer at the Pregnancy Resource Center in Jonesboro and is a former Teaching Leader for the Jonesboro Women's Class of an international Bible study.

Brenda Stainton joined St. Tim's in 2005.  She has always been known for her delicious cooking and gracious hosting skills.  Brenda coordinates meals and helps create a friendly environment so that all of St. Tim's members and visitors can enjoy a relaxing lunch after service each Sunday.