What's Ahead at St. Timothy's ?

 Wednesday,  December 13,     

  5:30 pm      Holy Communion with DOHC meeting

Saturday December, 16,  

   7:00 am      Men's Bible Study

   8:30 am      Finance/2018 Budget Committee Meeting

  Sunday,  December 17,     Third Sunday in Advent

   9:15 am    Sunday School

10:30 am     Holy Communion

11:45 am      Potluck Brunch

12:45 pm     Youth in Action

                      Greening of the Church following Potuck Brunch

 Monday, December 18,   

    9:30-11:00am              Pray the Pews

  10:30 am    Women's Bible Study will resume in January 2018.

 Wednesday, December 20,  

   5:30 pm      Holy Communion

Saturday December, 23

   7:00 am      Men's Bible Study

Sunday, December 24,   Fourth Sunday in Advent and Christmas Eve Candlelight  Service  

9:15 am        Sunday School

10:30 am     Holy Communion

11:45 am      Potluck Luncheon

12:30 pm     Youth in Action

10:30 am     Holy Communion

 7:30 pm      Holy Communion Christmas Candlelight Service

Monday December, 25

  9:15 am    The Nativity of Our Lord commonly called Christmas Day (said)

Wednesday, December 27,  

   5:30 pm      Evening Prayer

Saturday December, 30

   7:00 am      Men's Bible Study resumes on January 6, 2018

Sunday December, 31

  10:30 am    The First Sunday after Christmas Day

9:15 am        Sunday School resumes next week

10:30 am     Morning Prayer

11:45 am      Potluck Luncheon

12:45 pm     Youth in Action