Inter-Congregational Fellowship

St. Paul’s United Methodist Church has invited us to join them for Sunday Dinner on June 30th. The meal will be a potluck in their Fellowship Hall after both congregations’ morning services. St. Paul’s is located about one block Southwest of our church: 2201 S Culberhouse Street. We would like everyone to be there that day—and yes, we will be inviting them to join us for an event sometime in early fall. We will have information about the dinner next week.

Team Evangelism class continues Sunday

9:00– 10:00 AM in the Parish Hall.

What a great turn-out we had for the first class on Sunday. We had over 80% of our average attendance take part. Thank you! This is a sign that the congregation as a whole is ready to move forward in the work of the kingdom. If you were not here last week, you can still take part.

40 Days of Prayer

Our 40 days of prayer continues. Please continue to pray for our church.: 1. For God to lead us in His paths. 2. For the leadership’s readiness to hear and to act. 3. For the energies and talents of every member to be given freely. 4. That the Holy Spirit will go before us to prepare the fields. 5. That God be glorified through His Church and especially St. Timothy’s.