"For where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am among them."

                                                                                               -Matthew 18:20 ESV



We welcome you to join us each Sunday.


Sunday School begins at 9:15 AM.  Adults meet together while there are separate classes for children based on their ages.  Classes are friendly and casual and filled with interesting and stimulating discussions about the lesson.  It is a great time to learn and get to know others in the church.  After a short break, Morning Service begins at 10:30.  This is a traditional Anglican service.  Following Morning Service, we have a potluck lunch.  All are invited.  Here you can relax and catch up with everyone.  After lunch for those involved, meetings such as Vestry, Daughter's of the Holy Cross, or committee meetings are held.

Our Mission

Our mission is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, to reverently worship God, and to love others as God loves us.  We do this through Scriptural preaching and Sacramental worship in the orthodox Anglican tradition, in teaching, in discipleship, and in communicating the grace of God to the faithful and proclaiming with boldness the Word of God to the lost. 


St. Timothy

St. Timothy, our patron saint, exercised pastoral care over early Christian churches during the first century AD.  Personal letters from his mentor, Paul the Apostle, provide relevant instruction for the Church today.  As taught in these canonical writings and based upon multiple proofs, we uphold the Holy Scripture as the authoritative Word of God.  The biblical and Christ-honoring liturgy of the traditional Anglican Book of Common Prayer is used in our worship.  It is our joy to testify, through historical and present-day witnesses, of God's faithfulness and of Christ's transforming love.


Anglican Affiliations

St. Timothy's Anglican Church is a member of the Reformed Episcopal Church and part of the Diocese of Mid-America.  Our diocese is one of 20 united within the Anglican Church of North America.  Anglican jurisdictions in North and South America have combined to form the Federation of Anglican Churches in the Americas.  Aid to Anglican communities in the Global South, including South America and African countries, is coordinated through the Anglican Relief Fund and Development Fund, an outreach of North American Anglicans.